A Charles Krypell creation is always a Charles Krypell, linked
over time by sensuous design, elegant three-dimensionality and,
of course, a deep understanding of human romance and desire.
Charles stresses that it’s not simply enough to make a sale by
having the man bring home a piece, offer it to the woman, and
allow the woman to simply accept it. Instead, he designs pieces to
reach deep inside the human heart. The ultimate for Charles is that
women desire his jewelry. “The person who gives the gift,” Charles
says, “will then be seen as the champion and complete the circle.
That’s what I try to accomplish, satisfying the moment.” Working
on his own, Charles launched his first collection in 1976, to immediate
acclaim. Now, an astute businessman with several talented employees
and a reputation for unsurpassed quality and customer service,
Charles Krypell is known the world over by fine jewelers. He continues
to challenge himself to reach the height of beauty and distinction.
Currently, his line includes these exceptional collections: Precious Pastels,
Pastel, Sterling, Gold, Sweethearts and of course, the signature
Krypell Baguette Collection.

Charles Krypell Precious Pastels